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Welcome to Friends Inter-National Christian University
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WASHINGTON D.C., August 26, 2008 -- Friends International Christian University has been selected for the 2008 Best of Merced Award in the Colleges & Universities category by the U.S. Local Business Association (USLBA).


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Beyond the Pulpit
Beyond the Church
By: Dr. Thomas Webb











Book By: Dr. Denise
Victoria McAllister

Who's Who? at FICU.

In the press......

Drs Michael and Deloris Freeman were featured in Gospel Today Magazine for a article called
"New Kingdom Voices"
A showcase of some of the phenomenal ministry gifts that you should know about.

You can view the featured articles by clicking on the images bellow.



Books by FICU Graduates

At FICU we try to keep updated with the latest news about our graduates and affiliates. We can keep up to date with your help. Have you been featured in a magazine or publication. Do you have a new CD or DVD just just came out? Then you should write FICU Web Design. Please send info to:

New Book by: Dr. Thomas Webb
Beyond the Pulpit
Beyond The Church


Thomas Webb serves as the Senior Pastor of Calvary Victory Church in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  In his pursuit to serve and effectively lead God’s people, Pastor Webb has earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Management of Human Resources from Faulkner University of Montgomery, Alabama and a Master of Science degree in Ministerial Leadership from Southern Christian University of Montgomery, Alabama.  He has been blessed to earn the Doctor of Ministry degree from Friends International Christian University of Merced, California and now proudly serves his country as a Chaplain in the United States Air Force Reserves.  He resides in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania with his wife, Elizabeth and their two children.  

You can visit Dr. Webb's website here: 

Beyond the Pulpit, Beyond the Church teaches aspiring church leaders and well-seasoned ministers the importance of applying sound biblical concepts of Godly character and wisdom.

Challenged by the pressures of ministry?  Through real life examples and sound wisdom of God’s word, this insightful book shows that character is key for success in life and ministry.


New Book by: Dr. Denise Victoria McAllister
Your work shall be rewarded

Dr. Denise Victoria McAllister shares her heart throughout the pages of this book.  Some areas are directly related to her personal experiences.  Having gone through various trials in the church and outside of the church - this book clearly defines how we can overcome any obstacles in this walk of life.  The words on the pages plainly paint the picture that sometimes our perception is really deception.   

You can hear the words saying when you work for God - persecution is inevitable.  Yet, it produces a 100-Fold return of blessings.  "Our Work Shall Be Rewarded", if we hold our course and fight the good fight of faith. 

Dr. Denise Victoria McAllister is an anointed motivational speaker. She holds a doctorial degree in Christian Counseling.  She has traveled across country and in the Caribbean.  Dr. McAllister has received numerous awards and citations for outstanding work in the ministry and for the community at large.  She is an ordained minister who operates in the prophetic anointing as the Spirit wills.

“Your Work Shall Be Rewarded, if we hold our course and fight the good fight of faith.”

*Available at all local bookstores and on line at, Barnes and Noble, Borders, **Author House and where other well-known books are sold.  (** Website Price only $11.50) For more information about this book, or to schedule Dr. McAllister for a speaking engagement call 877-885-0811 (Victorious Consultant Services) and/or contact author at 301-787-0799, via e-mail

Recent FICU Graduates

Dr. Henry W. Roberts Jr.

Henry W. Roberts, Jr., through divine guidance, has obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts Communication as well as a Master of Divinity.  Early in Pastor Roberts ministry, God led him to become a home missionary where he began planting churches wherever the Lord would lead.  He co-founded the Kelly Land Baptist Church in Alexandria, LA.  After the establishment of this body, he was sent to Flomington, Alabama and founded the Flomington Baptist Church.
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Loren C. (Paul) Due

I hold two doctorate degrees (Doctor of Ministry and Doctor of Philosophy in Religious Studies), two master’s degrees (an MBA and a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies), and a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting. I have attended Pentecostal churches throughout my life, and serve now as pastor and teacher of JOY Christian Center.

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 Dr. E.K.D. Quick

Dr. E.K.D. Quick, a native of Los Angeles, California, is founder and president of L.C.M.I., Inc. Dr. Quick has a Bachelors of Religious Education, a Bachelors in Religion, a Masters in Biblical Counseling (with an emphasis on Marriage & Family Counseling), and a Doctorate in Ministry. Dr. Quick has experience as a Pastor, Counselor, Prison/Hospital Minister, Urban Evangelism and Military Chaplain Ministries.

L.C.M.I., Inc. is pleased to bring you the quality ministry that pleases God and glorifies the name of Jesus.


FICU Affiliates

What does it mean to become an FICU Affiliate School? As you well know many Churches and Ministries offer different types of Bible based studies.  FICU is opening new opportunities for these Churches by way of affiliation.

Imagine being able to offer accredited collage degrees from your Church. Imagine creating additional revenue from classes you already have in place.
You can start creating Christian leaders in your church body today just click on this link to read more about affiliation.

FICU gets a new German Affiliate.

Please visit the web-site of our new German affiliate.
(Click on the bellow image)


Affiliate Websites from FICU

Rev. Deborah Studer:

Apostle Ferdinand and Pastor Karen Johnson:

Marvin & MaLinda Sapp

Helmut Ziegler, Professor Th.D. Ph.D. (ATI)

Dr. Quick

Dr. Robert L. Wilks, Jr.









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