Membership to the Church Body

The First Church of International Association of Christian Clinical Counselors and Assembled Associations, Friends International Christian University is a non-profit, exempt, Private Church Christian University. In order to gain acceptance into any degree program offered all prospective students are required to be a member of the church student body.

By applying for Membership to Friends International Christian University, you will be eligible to enroll in the degree program of your choice. The following are the requirements for membership, all of the requirements must be met prior to acceptance by the church, university, or alumni association.

  1. Be A Christian - Accept the Lord Jesus as Your Personal Savior

  2. Believe in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit

Membership to the Student Body, Enrollment in a Degree Program

Degree programs are offered only to those who are currently a member of the Body of Christ (see above). Student body members are required to agree to the following requirements:

  1. Maintain a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ

  2. Continue to live as a Christian example to others

  3. Complete Application & Registration form. All students are required to pay a one-time application and registration fee for membership in Friends International Christian University or IACCC. After receipt of your application, you will receive a member-in-training certificate.

After completion of your church body and student body membership, your university studies may begin. Your membership in the church university will continue throughout your association with TFCIACCC, however, your membership status will be upgraded at the completion of your desired training.

Your membership will then transfer to an alumni membership, in the church student body association. The church alumni membership has three categories upon graduation of your level of studies

    Member - Bachelors Level

    Fellow - Masters Level

    Diplomate - Doctoral Level

A membership fee or tithe will be required yearly to maintain administrative documents.





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