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Dr. Denise Victoria McAllister

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“Sometimes, it is just one thing that’s standing in the way in our lives that needs to be corrected. So that we can move on”!


–Dr. Denise Victoria McAllister, Renowned Author, Educator, Entrepreneur and Public Speaker–


Do you feel like you have not been able to achieve your full purpose in life?  Than you need to read this book.

Available Now!

Your Work Shall Be Rewarded

By: Dr. Denise Victoria McAllister

Book Store locations are selling the book for $14.00 (Special on-line purchase price – see below)



Dr. McAllister shares in addition to her own writings - direct insight from other profound speakers and authors such as:


T.D. Jakes, Can You Stand To Be Blessed

John C. Maxwell, Developing the Leader Within You

Rick Warren, The Purpose Driven Life

Dr. Denise Victoria McAllister shares her heart throughout the pages of this book.  Some areas are directly related to her personal experiences.  Having gone through various trials in the church and outside of the church - this book clearly defines how we can overcome any obstacles in this walk of life.  The words on the pages plainly paint the picture that sometimes our perception is really deception. 


You can hear the words saying when you work for God - persecution is inevitable.  Yet, it produces a 100-Fold return of blessings.  "Our Work Shall Be Rewarded", if we hold our course and fight the good fight of faith.


Dr. Denise Victoria McAllister is an anointed motivational speaker. She holds a doctorial degree in Christian Counseling.  She has traveled across country and in the Caribbean.  Dr. McAllister has received numerous awards and citations for outstanding work in the ministry and for the community at large.  She is an ordained minister who operates in the prophetic anointing as the

Spirit wills.

“Your Work Shall Be Rewarded, if we hold our course and fight the good fight of faith.”


*Available at all local bookstores and on line at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, Borders, **Author House and where other well-known books are sold.  (**Authorhouse.com Website Price only $11.50) For more information about this book, or to schedule Dr. McAllister for a speaking engagement call 877-885-0811 (Victorious Consultant Services) and/or contact author at 301-787-0799, via e-mail mcallistermte@comcast.net.




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