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Doctor of Philosophy

Biblical Counseling
Religious Studies








Doctor of Philosophy in
Religious Studies

(Ph.D.R.S.) 60 UNITS:
*The Covenant ( Financial Aid Program )
*Evaluation of Prior learning
*Independent Individualized Learning
*The Coursework and supporting text books

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Required Fees

Application & Registration Fee    $110.00

120 units required @ $120.00 per unit

$7200.00 Degree Program Cost

Textbooks and other course materials are not included in your tuition. Cost for these materials vary from course to course, depending upon the publisher.

Application/Registration Fee
Please click this link to pay your application/registration fee. This fee must be paid before your application can be processed. (App Fee Click Here)

Graduation Fees:

Friends International Christian University students have the option of receiving their degrees through the mail, attending a general graduation ceremony, or having the degree conferred personally by an FICU representative during a special ceremony at the student’s church.

Graduation Fee

$ 100.00 ( if you intend to participate in the FICU general commencement ceremony or at an affiliate center)


per order – a cap and gown are required for participation in graduation

Financial Aid / The Covenant Agreement Program (Student Loans)

Friends Inter-National Christian University is a non-profit non-denominational University. We do not accept any government grants or loans, state or federal in any form. We have a special program for student loans called. The Covenant Agreement. Please read on for more details or If you have questions about financial aid please call our office at

Pacific Standard Time

Interest free student loans are made available to each FICU student. The eligibility to receive an interest free university loan is based upon each student’s direct financial need. All payment plans are referred to as Covenant Agreements. Covenant Agreements may be approved for as little as $100.00 or more per month. There will be a fee of $25.00 for every payment over 10 days late. Confer with your academic advisor or directly with the FICU Admissions Office, if you wish to apply for a covenant agreement. Each course offered by FICU is measured in semester units of credit. See the specific degree programs and course descriptions for the number of units of credit offered for each specific course. (The grade point stated for letter grade is used to calculate grade point average or GPA.)

Evaluation of Prior Learning

After a student is enrolled, all acceptable previous college course work reflect on an official transcript, will be transferred in and all non-collegiate experience is reviewed to determine if the individual has adequate experience to justify the university awarding credit for prior learning experience. FICU will extend to the student the opportunity for the student to validate and provide validation through documentation, and verifiable evidence of competence for any of the courses required in the chosen program. Each student is required to submit a complete Student Portfolio, in accordance with the FICU Student Portfolio Guidelines. The student will be required to submit evidence to their Academic Advisor that the Student has met the requirements for each Course. Additionally, at the undergraduate level, students may request “Credit by Experiential Learning” for General Elective courses and courses in their major. For areas where an adequate level of competence is identified, students will receive credit and receive advance standing. The student will be informed of the required course to complete their individualized program. Students may request a copy of the Student Portfolio Guidelines through the FICU Admissions Office or their personal Academic Advisor. All students are individually evaluated by an Academic Advisor, then approval may or may not be gained through a vote by the Assessment Committee.

The Coursework and Textbooks

The course work required of the student may take one or a combination of several different procedures to complete. Course presentation may be in the form of textbook, video, audiocassette tape, or multimedia forum. The students Academic Advisor will determine the form of curriculum and grade assessment best suited to each individual student. Academic Advisors are required to use one of several standard forms of assessment of the individual knowledge of course content.

Degree Program Requirements
(All courses available on FICU are presented from a non-denominational Christian perspective.)

Candidates entering the Ph.D.R.S. Program shall have a earned Master’s Degree including thirty 30 units of prerequisites in Biblical Studies. The candidate will be required to complete 60 units to include 30 units of core subject listed below. Candidates may elect to enroll in a concurrent D.Min and Doctor of Philosophy in Religious Studies or Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Counseling. Candidates electing a concurrent program may fulfill 30 units of the required units on the first doctoral level, such as the D.Min. The remaining 30 units of academic work will be completed through the Doctor of Philosophy in Religious Studies or Biblical Counseling, thus, meeting the requirements for their concurrent Doctoral program.

The Path to Enrollment
( What happens next? )

#1 Application and Application Fee - Fill out an application. FICU has an online application that is quick and easy to fill out. During this process you will be asked to input a user name and password that may be used later for registration to online courses.  We also have A downloadable application available that can be either faxed or mailed to FICU.

Fill out our application on-line (click here)

Download our Application PDF (right click and choose save as or save this link as)

Application Fee - There is a non-refundable application and registration fee upon completion of the application. The fee is $110.00 dollars. $75.00 for the application and $35.00 for registration. You may call our office during normal business hours to play your Application/Registration fee over the phone.

8:00 to 5:00 Pacific Standard Time

#2 Transcript - Download a copy of our transcript  request form. Request transcripts from any accredited institution that you may have attended. Non-Accredited schools may be considered on the discursion of an academic advisor. Please write to: drmelinda@ficu.edu
for more information about the transfer of credit.

Download the Transcript Request Form PDF (right click and choose save as or save this link as)

#3 Portfolio - Prepare your portfolio for review by an academic advisor. Remember your portfolio is intended to inform us about your life experience as well as your education. Be sure to include any ministerial experience as well as involvement in church activities, church administration, bible study groups and secular work and education as well.

Download the Portfolio Guidelines PDF (right click and choose save as or save this link as)


Independent Individualized Program

The competency level of a prospective student is evaluated by review of the individual’s application or admission and a portfolio which includes a detailed ministerial/occupational resume, official transcripts and other documents supporting previous academic work, and specialized training certificates. Evaluation of each individual’s portfolio of documents is the key component for acceptance of an individual into an independent and individualized degree program for either undergraduate or graduate work. The evaluation is planned to determine whether an applicant has the appropriate educational background, occupational accomplishment and attitudinal motivation necessary to function effectively in an independent and individualized, innovative, educational environment. Motivation is a fundamental factor for determining whether an individual can successfully function in this type of learning situation.

Contact Information

If you intend to e-mail documents please send them to: drmelinda@ficu.edu or fax to: 209-384-3251. If you prefer
to use regular mail please use this address.

FICU 2125 O St.
Merced, CA 95340





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