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FICU has online education opportunities.

Available Degree Programs

Friends International Christian University continually strives to offer students comprehensive degree programs that integrate flexibility and convenience with remarkable curriculum. That continual striving has led to the announcement that many of the courses required for degree completion are now available on-line!

When completing studies on-line, you will still receive the quality curriculum you have come to expect from FICU with the added benefit of on-line materials, PowerPoint presentations, and on-line testing.

Though the availability of on-line courses gives you the ability to complete courses at your own pace, you will never be left to navigate the educational system alone. Our experienced Academic Advisors will journey with you each step of the way, guiding your studies, providing encouragement, and giving feedback on your accomplishments.

Taking advantage of this tremendous opportunity is easy:

  1. Select your degree program.
    (For review purpose only you must select the degree of your choice in the online application.)

Associate Programs

Associate of Biblical Studies

Bachelor Programs

Bachelor of Biblical Studies
Bachelor of Biblical Counseling
Bachelor of Church Administration
Bachelor of Religious Education
Bachelor of Theology
Bachelor of Religious Fine Arts

Master Programs

Master of Biblical Studies
Master of Divinity - Degree Program
Master of Biblical Counseling
Master of Church Administration
Master of Religious Education
Master of Theology
Master of Religious Fine Arts

Doctoral Programs

Doctor of Biblical Counseling

Doctor of Church Administration

Doctor of Ministry

Doctor of Theology

Doctor of Religious Education





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