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Dr. Ruby Yates

Embrace your Tomorrow Today

Drs. R.L. And Ruby Yates were collage sweethearts who attended undergraduate school and seminary together. They have earned duel doctorates in Ministry and Religious Studies.

This Dynamic couple serve as Senior Pastor and First Lady of Embrace Ministries Outreach Center in Lawrenceville, Georgia. They have four wonderful sons who are all ministries are blessed with a doubter-in-law who is active in ministry and pursuing her doctorate in pharmacy. They have partnered in ministry in bringing this word of revelations to you. God has anointed this family and equipped them with a message to the nations. Together they have poured out of their spirit to encourage the strong, strengthen the weak and bring the lost to Jesus.
You can embrace your tomorrow today. Before you see any evidence of completion you can be confident that what God has begun in you, He will completed. The inspirational material can be used for your personal encouragement, Bible study, short speeches and sermons.






Dr. Yates and Family




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