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Baynard J. Dinkins, Jr. DMin

Founder and Apostle of the Word of Truth Christian Center

in Detroit, Michigan

Dr. Dinkins, earned his Masters and Doctor of Ministry degrees in Church Administration through Friends International Christian
University and is the founder and Apostle of Word Of Truth Christian Center in Detroit, Michigan, a thriving ministry that deals with the practical application and maturity principles in the word of God.

Dr. Baynard J. Dinkins, Jr., Lecturer, Educator, and business consultant, is the author of the book Hell Is Full Of Good People which is impacting thousands around the country with its message of the mystery behind Righteousness Vs Good & Evil. In addition, Dr. Dinkins has numerous study guides and audio publications on the critical issues of righteousness, leadership, the marriage relationship, morality, and health and healing. His goal  is to teach people to use every ounce of their God-given potential to become what they were born to be.







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